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FTT – First Time Through

First Time Through is the percentage of the time that a product or service passes through a process step without any defects on the first attempt.

  • It is a measure of production efficiency, ability/skill, and quality.
  • It measures how many goods are produced correctly without flaws or re-work as percentage of total units produced in a production process or value stream.

This concept can also be easily applied to the service industry as a measure of service or orders delivered satisfactorily to customers the first time without any amendments, re-work, or complaints.

Should a discrete manufacturer focus on overall production yield (Traditional Method), or on first time through yield?

In short, we recommend manufacturers focus on first time yield—let’s discuss why this is a more effective metric.

How do you calculate overall production yield (Traditional Method)?

80% yield may sound great, we have calculated the yield only based on final scrap items, we haven’t considered the rework included. FTT will help us in calculating the hidden cost (rework) of manufacturing.

How do you calculate FTT?

The output is same in both the processes but the Yields are different. FTT helps us in calculating the actual yield of the process.

Benefits of Tracking FTT
  • Hidden Cost – Helps in calculating the cost of rework or repair
  • Great measure of efficiency – This data is easy to communicate and is often used as part of overall efficiency calculations, such as OEE (overall equipment efficiency).
  • Identifying areas of improvement – First time yield, along with throughput yield, are key metrics used to determine where the quality issues are occurring, and their impact to the system.


Article By Thomas B.

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